Shield your code from open source threats

You’re the last line of defense against an onslaught of incoming vulnerabilities and malware. Ready your Sonatype shields to protect your software.

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2,000 enterprises trust the Sonatype platform

Siloed security threats slip through

Protect Code


of modern apps are comprised of open source

1.2 Billion

vulnerable dependencies are downloaded each month

Misaligned teams allow breakdowns

Tension between developers and application security teams grows when manual code reviews cause delays or rework down the road after a threat is identified.

Inefficient workflows cause delays

Developers can waste time sourcing, downloading, and reviewing the same open source code that others are already using safely. The bigger the organization, the more time is wasted. 

Remediation is slow and costly

It’s impossible to remediate open source threats or breaches if you can’t find them. Developers waste hours hunting down newly released vulnerabilities and may miss complex dependencies. 

Protect your code from an integrated platform

Open source
components analyzed












Block malicious open source at the door

Don’t make developers wait for manual code reviews. Automatically stop dangerous downloads from entering your repository from the tools your developers are already using.

Build fast with secure components centralized

Make your repository a stronghold for secure code. Store, monitor, and distribute healthy components as a single source of truth to bring development deadlines within reach.

Continuously monitor and fix threats fast 

Never miss a vulnerability. Know the exact location of every component and their dependencies along with detailed remediation instructions to fix every new threat quickly.  

“Using Sonatype, we’re able to identify risks earlier than ever before in the development process — especially compared to six months ago. It works very well within our DevOps practice.”

Prem Ranganath

VP of Quality and Risk Management, Trilliant

Avoid costly open source attacks

Align teams with security

Bring your application security, developers, and licensing teams to the table with solutions that work for everyone’s workflow.

Customize risk tolerance

You decide as a team what level of risk your organization is comfortable with across security, licensing, quality, and more to meet your unique needs. 

Enforce policies automatically

Automatically deliver the insights developers need to adhere to security and licensing risk tolerance and policies in the workflow and tools they already use. 

Remediate malicious code fast

Know the exact location of any component and their dependencies. Get precise intelligence to fix any threat as soon as it arises so you can stay up and running. 

Integrate with existing tools

Manage risk in the tools your developers are already using with 50+ languages and integrations across leading IDEs, source repositories, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

Avoid false positives 

Trust your data with deep security intelligence—both human 
and machine. Reduce false positives and negatives so you don’t waste resources.

"We wanted fast solutions, but also wanted those to be secure solutions. With Sonatype, we can help programmers make the right decisions and make their software more secure.”

Stefan Simenon

Head of Centre of Expertise of Software Development & Tooling, ABN-AMRO

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